What Is It

Welcome To
The Timeline Of Twats

Post up pics of friends on their birthdays or simply to wind them up, upload people that piss you off or anyone you feel belongs on the TimeLine Of Twats Website

Funny Gift

The perfect funny birthday gift for that 'special' someone

Wind Up Your Mates

Let them know you 'care' by calling them a TWAT publicly

Piss People Off

Get your own back by publicly calling them a Twat online!

Nominate A Twat

Nominate anyone for Twat Of The Year on our Timeline Of Twats

How It Works

The Process

The Process is simple

Fill in some details

Upload a pic of who you want on the timeline

You share it, we share it

Laugh at your friends / enemies being on the timeline of twats forever!

Click Nominate

Enter Details

Upload Photo

Click Upload

Share It

They Are Now On The Timeline Of Twats!


We Made For You
With Love

Choose Someone

We all have that special someone we like to call a twat from time to time

Upload A Pic

Upload a pic and away you go

Send It To Them For A Laugh

Let them know you care and share it on their socials to properly wind them up and make them chuckle!



You have to know before
start everything

Anyone. Simply fill in your details, upload a pic and away you go

As we are in beta-stage, this is free for the time being!

While we appreciate this won’t be for everyone, it is just a site for humour. So please, snowlakes need not apply!


Give Us A Call

Only kidding. But you can email us if something is bothering you!

(0800) TWAT

Our Team

Meet Our Experts

Jonathan Doe
TWAT & Founder
Elena Doe
Designer & TWAT
Peter Doe
Skilled Developer... & TWAT
Marry Scott
Office TWAT